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easy way to edit design and url for button "Call to order"

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hello everyone
in nutshell : i spent a week to find solution and purchased many extensions which is not really what i want.

so my question is : in easy way i can edit design (text, field etc) of contact us page  - this contact us page come when custom click on the button "Call to order" under each items

if there is visual edit code extenstion exist or hwat the file and where is path of this file i can find ou (index.php and everything php i cannt edit desing)

2. i d like to change url link of button "Call to ordr"  - refer it to whatsap link direct call
 Plz look at the attached files
plz advice me guys with all  my respect


You need to edit theme .tpl files


thanks for ur reply. in which program i can edit .tpl files?

or maybe easy u write down example of the code should be instead of L70?

many ppl asked this in the forum


--- Quote from: overmoz on July 16, 2023, 06:16:10 AM ---thanks for ur reply. in which program i can edit .tpl files?

--- End quote ---

You can edit in any text or code editor.


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