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Changing How a Shipping Method is Displayed to the Customer


What I am trying to do is change what is displayed to the customer at Checkout for Shipping Methods. 

Example:  I am using the Weight Based Shipping Extension, but it displays to the customer as option: 

Weight Based Shipping
       USA Weight Based-No Tracking (Weight: 0.50oz)

I want to remove that "No Tracking" part of what's displayed... or change it to say Limited Tracking.  Is that Possible?  Where in the extension's coding can I make that Adjustment? 

Every order that I ship comes with at least Limited Tracking (USPS Acceptance, and tracking through the US postal automated machine scans).  I just don't want to confuse people with the words no tracking, when tracking is clearly an option for this selected ship method.

You can ask the extension developer but did you search this in Language Definitions?

Its one of the default extensions for shipping. 


By default, the Weight based shipping shows the Location name and weight so the "No Tracking" text is something unique to your store. Check your Location name, text customization, or code modifications.


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