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We have no problem changing the Order Status after a customer makes a purchase, but the actual status we have selected doesn't show up on the notifying email. We haven't changed any test ID's. When testing, everything shows up fine in the email, including added notes, but no updated status. Any thoughts?

Try to compare the files with the source, maybe something was modified

Still no luck. Order status is unchanged, and php shows all options are the same as what AbanteCart offers (both in "order_statuses" and "order_status_id".) The placeholder "order_status_name" simply doesn't work. I've tried {{ order_status_name }} in all the right places, and even tried it in the Subject line. No luck.

I have the same issue so not just you.


--- Quote from: mikko on November 24, 2023, 03:57:08 PM ---I have the same issue so not just you.

--- End quote ---
Hello. What is your AbanteCart version and the order statuses you changed from-to?


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