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I have been working on this now for about a week!
I have deleted EVERYTHING and started over.... twice...  I am on my third try!
(first time it was because I trashed some of the files and it was easier to restart)

I am finding myself going back and forth between the "default" and "bootstrap" layouts making the SAME changes to both and then all of a sudden the changes I have made are now undone....
Then in my web browser sometimes it will load the default page and sometimes the bootstrap.
Is there a way to force the use of bootstrap ONLY? So if you use a computer or a mobile it will work off the same page?
Or to just make changes to the Bootstrap layouts and have t make the same changes to the default files?

Across the top of my dashboard and admin pages there is a bar accross the very top of the window.
The little bell comes on and there is a message pops up wanting to either sell me something, upgrade something(upgrade not update) or submit a review and rating. I have done a "rating" once but it keeps coming up over and over....
Is there a way to turn those notifications OFF?

That sounds very strange. Did you use the standard Layouts in Design -> Layouts or the beta Page Builder extension? The latter is still in development and may have some bugs.

Im using the stock layouts that came with....

There should only be a single active template. When you go to the Design > Layouts page, your active theme should already be selected by default. Please verify whether you have multiple stores with the same URL (

Have you made any recent changes to your hosting?

Hello Gary,

If I understand you correctly  -  you are bring up a new store and trying the two different templates.
You are correct you do need to configure each template as to how you want it to look. 

I wonder if part of your issue is being caused by the cache system -  there is one robust one in the cart -  and additionally  your PC  is setting cookies (which is a good thing for customers)  not always helpful when adding lots of new things, or developing a site..

Try clearing your PC cookies ,  You can do that by right clicking on the padlock in the URL field.  And yes you will find yourself doing it a lot if you are switching back and forth, and make lots of changes.

And you can clear the system cache within your Admin panel - 


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