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So Version 2.0 is out, but limited to paid plan??

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Hi Core Devs,

Requesting some info on your Version 2.   You started posting on this board Nov 2017.  Been several posts over the years for suggestions and inquiries as to when it was coming out.

Now we see there is a Version 2,  but only as a managed service from AbanteCart.  Is it your current decision to only offer this as a paid platform?   If so,  would have been great to know that previously.

It would be appreciated to have a post on this forum as to your future plans.


Nuno Neff:

See here for some info:


Nuno Neff:
Thanks llegrand, the important thing to know here is whether Abantecart will continue to develop the Free versions or whether it will just turn to a paid platform?

AbanteCart v2 is open source as well.


This is a different Architecture application with support of Laravel/Eloquet and other tools.
Read about it here https://managed.abantecart.com/custom-ecommerce.html

We run this platform for our larger clients and our support will be only for paid customers with larger scale ecommerce and custom business workflows. 


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