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Collections, custom layout and Default Template


I am having some issues pinpointing where this issue is on the default template not showing a custom layout.
I have created a collection and modified the layout adding a custom HTML_block.
The html_block is active and saved under the default template. I can see the collection listed under the layout and Blocks manager.

 If I use the same html_block and add it to the default page layout it appears as expected on the collection page (as well as all other default pages).
If I change to the bootstrap5 template and apply the custom layout using the same block it works.

You found a bug here.
Temporary solution is creating new layout for collection only for active template. (just remove layout in admin->design->layout and recreate on collection edit page)
Fix will be in v1.3.5.
Thank you.

Thanks. I'll wait for the release as I am still getting some issues. All collections even with custom layouts (only using the collections --> Layout) are using the same template.


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