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Hi all and thanks for reading.

I have only 5 products on the home page, and I am attempting to put them in order.

I have tried, price > low to High
I have tried setting the Sort Order to the way i want them
I have tried changing the date available of the product

But still, I cannot get them to display in the way I want.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated

How do you want to sort the products and which block on the Home page are you referring to (latest, featured, custom listing block)?

Thanks, its the latest products that i'm trying to sort.

I do not see a latest block. unless its .tpl ( oooh nooo)


Check here is similar question solution,9189.msg36412.html#msg36412

Yes, I have seen that, but as I said in my first email, I have changed the date available a few times but that doesnt change the order of display in the Latest Products.


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