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Minimum amount to buy in a category


Nuno Neff:
Minimum amount to buy products in this category.

This functionality should be implemented so that when the category is created there is a field where you can enter a minimum amount to be reached in order to make the purchase.

Example: Category Tools minimum to buy 50€

Hammer 5€
Tweezers 10€
Scissors 25€

It's not possible to checkout because the total of the 3 items doesn't reach 50€

But this works in conjunction with other categories where there is no such purchase limit.

Ultra Sonic Cleaner 200€    <----from a normal category
Hammer 5€
Tweezers 10€
Scissors 25€

Can't checkout because you haven't reached the minimum value in the tools category


We appreciate your feedback, but we would like to inform you that AbanteCart already offers a feature for setting the minimum and maximum amount of the order. You can find more details about this feature on this page: https://abantecart.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AD/pages/6979592/Minimum+order+amount.
 Additionally, AbanteCart allows you to specify the minimal quantity per product in the product settings. These features enable you to control the order size and quantity according to your preferences.

Nuno Neff:
Hello Basara what I'm talking about is different, Abantecart has this function for a product, not for a category.

If someone is trying to make a checkout of the folowing:

1 hammer 8€
1 tweezer 3€
1 ultra sonic machine  7€
1 silver ring  10€

The 3 first items are from my tools category

The silver ring is from my silver jewelry category

And this category has a minimum of 100€

If someone wants to buy something in this category, they will have to choose other jewelry to make at least 100€ to be able to make the checkout.

Nuno Neff:
I dont even know if its possible, what i mean is to have a minimum per multi category....

For example Parent Category Jewelry, and then inside jewelry i have, Rings, Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets

Is it possible to have a minimum For Jewelry of 100€

And then my client will have to buy 1 ring, 1 necklace, and 1 bracelet so that its reaches at least 100 to be able to checkout?


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