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We have to recently change VPS servers so we copied over AbanteCart cart Shop files, databases etc. to the new server but now the shop is not loading anymore.

We used WHM server copy feature which creates an exact replica of old cart on the new server along with databases etc. Checked everything and all files are there.

The only thing has changed its the new server IP address is different then the old server IP address.

Domain is pointing to the new server.

PHP 8.1 is enabled.

Will this require /System/config.php file to be update with some new values?? If yes, what needs to be changed?

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this problem?

Shop URL is


Hi AromeCity,

What is the version of AbanteCart you migrate?
Was web server configured correctly with web root pointing to  public_html?
Was database host/name/u/p changed and configured?
What is the error that you get?

Most likely something changed and you need to update /system/config.php

Check this post that has some help with migration:,426.0.html


Version is 1.3.4

Web server is fine as the normal web site loads fine and all other sites on the server.

Database host/name/u/p nothing has changed. Same as old one.

there is no error. I have provided the link before, try yourself there is nothing being displayed and no error message.

I have already read the other thread, its not providing any troubleshooting tips. It suggest to re install Abantecart which I can't do. we will loose all the configuration.

In the config file what is the significance of these variables and what defines them?


define('SALT', 'gnPt');



Please read "Move to another hosting" guide

The SALT and ENC KEY are related to the password and other encrypted data stored in the database


Before I would to try to restore the old shop on to the new server, I tried to do a fresh install of AbanteCart under a different folder ( v1.3.1) and same issue nothing will load. Neither the store front "or" admin panel.

As this is a new server, how do I check to make sure server is configured correctly?

My SQL is working fine. PHP is fine. GD is enabled,

Is there anything else needs to be enabled on the server?

Also, I checked the config.php file under shop2/system/config.php and noticed the following variable havea  different value compare to old server.

define('SALT', 'WGhg');

The old server file had

define('SALT', 'gnPt');

Not 100% sure how this effects the install?



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