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Free Shipping on navbar
« on: January 18, 2024, 09:13:00 PM »
Free Shipping on the navbar

This puts a link in the first spot of the menu items, on the navbar.
It says Free Shipping and leads to the shipping page.


Admin Design Content | click edit on the shipping page

Content Title: Free Shipping
Description: Free shipping on sales of $15 | $4.99 if under $15.
Meta Tag Keywords: free-shipping
Meta Tag Description: Free shipping on sales of $15 | $4.99 if under $15.
Enter text for the description | click save

Admin Design Menu | click plus sign to add new menu
unique ID= whatever you want
Text= What you want the link to say(we used FREE SHIPPING ON $15 PURCHASE)
Link Type= Content Page | select the title used for shipping page
link= fills in automatically
click save

Admin Design Layouts
on the DropDown, select Home Page
Make sure your Menu block is on/enabled
In the top Header area= click and drag the MENU box to the far left on the top row
click save


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