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v1.2.11 - Bug storing length & weight in French and German translations of admin



I am using AbanteCart version 1.2.11 and the French and German translations downloaded from GitHub.

There is a bug when saving products that have a decimal value for length and/or weight in the French and German translations of the admin, where, those fields expect the comma as delimitor of the decimal value, and don't let save the product if using the dot delimitor. (see attached picture)

Other fields like price, width, and height are not concerned by the bug.
Also, the bug occurs only with the translations: the admin is working properly if in English.

I would suggest that the dot (and not the comma) being used as decimal delimitor, at least in the admin.
Although the comma is "officially" the right decimal delimitor in French, the dot is much more common when using softwares and everyone is accustomed to it.

Please try to replicate the issue on the latest 1.3.4


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