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no BS5 clone available dev tools


Installed dev tools.
Cloned Default with no problems.

Activated Bootstrap5 then went to:

System>DevTools>Clone Template>Template Mgr
The Bootstrap5 doesn't have clone option
Clicked Edit, no clone option
Clicked Settings, no clone option

Template drop down doesn't list BS5 as a choice to clone

I have AC v1.3.4

I uploaded Dev Tool folder to public_html/extensions
installed via Extensions All
Activated the extension.

We did not realized this feature in the devtools yet. Will be soon. To clone extension template just copy directory "bootstrap5" to "your_new_template_text_id" and rename all files and subdirectories  "bootstrap5" to "your_new_template_text_id" (usually it's a language subdirectory in admin and sf) Also open layout.xml file from template root directory and replace all "bootstrap5"  words with "your_new_template_text_id" (BS5 too)  After then you can install your new template.


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