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A few years ago I made a customization to my order_invoice.tpl which I used for book keeping purposes. At the bottom of the file I added the following:

<?php echo $order['date_added']; ?>#
<?php echo $order['payment_method']; ?>#
<?php echo $total['text']; ?>#
<?php echo $order['payment_address']; ?>#
<?php echo $order['customer_telephone']; ?>#
<?php echo $order['customer_email']; ?>!#
<?php foreach ($order['product'] as $product) { ?><?php echo $product['name']; ?><?php } ?>

This created a text line at the bottom of the invoice with the date, payment method, total price, customer address, phone, email, and what they ordered. It all worked fine.

I recently updated to a newer version of AbanteCart and the payment_method stopped working. I used the following line to see what options I had:

<?php echo '<pre>'; print_r($order); echo '</pre>'; ?>

Much to my dismay, I found that payment_method is no longer in the array order at all. I would like to know how I can reenable payment_method so that my bookkeeping isn't lacking that information.

please check this fix


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