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PayPal Commerce onboarding

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PayPal updated its onboarding configuration on Friday 23 without prior notification.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this unexpected change. Here is the quick fix you can apply to 1.3.4 PayPal Commerce extension files.

Thank you for the heads up.   
But could you please provide guidance:
1. is this change ONLY for establishing new connections  or
2. if Admin is already using the PayPal Commerce,  eg since AbanteCart 1.3.3  which uses PayPal Commerce v. 1.0.0  does it need to be installed there also

Is the quick fix to be installed there?  I see the version  in quick fix is changing from 1.0.2  to 1.0.3,   but neither AbanteCart 1.3.3 or 1.3.4  are using v 1.0.2   --   1.3.3 is  PP commerce 1.0.0  and 1.3.4  is 1.0.1

thanks in advance for more clarity.

You can simply replace the public_html/extensions/paypal_commerce folder if you have any version of PP Commerce. This only impacts new connections, existing ones should work well.

Thanks,  We have installed and tested and  I can confirm that the quick fix does work on the other versions.   

But thought other Admins might appreciate the clarity of the action needed.

Thank you


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