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I hate to ask about setting up taxes...but I am

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Hello. I'm a newbie.  First time poster. 

I need to set up my taxes so I only charge sales tax on one state.  But the instructions aren't proving to be very helpful.

Do I create a location for this state, then a Tax Class for this state?


Do i choose Location=USA, unselect "all location zones" and pick my state from the from the drop-down? 

FWIW, when I test, I don't see sales tax calculating and/or showing up in the checkout experience.

Thank you for your help!!

Create one Location USA and add all states to it (Location zones).
Then go to your Tax class and add rate only to one Location Zone (when you're adding a new Rate select USA location and uncheck the "all location zones" to enable selection of only one Zone/State). Configure the rate accordingly and save your changes.

For testing purposes, ensure you clear the AbanteCart cache. Then proceed to initiate checkout using a customer address that corresponds to the state you've set the rate for.

Thank you, Basara!

Cleared cache.  Logged out.  Cleared browser history.  Logged back in.  Added appropriate zip code and clicked [Estimate] shipping and taxes...  A section below flashed and disappeared without updating taxes.

Is there a step I may be missing?

Did you assign Tax class to the products in the cart? Could you please check if there are any errors recorded in the error log?


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