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Which style sheet for the bootstrap theme?

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Hi all! I wanted to change the menu bar color (and other layout colors) and can't find the proper place to do it. I'm using the bootstrap theme. Is /storefront/view/default/stylesheet/bootstrap.css the right place?
I'm old. but the mind is still willing. A lot has changed since I made html web pages 25 years ago. Thanks for any help :)

When trying to find what specific css file is being used on a webpage, one thing I do is just hit "Ctrl+Shift+C" (or you can just hit F12 if you are not on firefox....i dont know if ctrl+shift+c works outside of firefox tbh lol), then you can highlight the area you are curious about, and on the "developer tools" menu it will have the html code on one side, and the other side should have the css rules and will show exact file locations for all css rules. Once you figure it out, you can use the developer tools on your web browser to kind of "backtrack" a lot of things and find what you are looking for :).
If I am unclear on anything, please feel free to ask and I can help out. I am no web-master, but I also love learning more and more lol.
(Just trying to teach how to fish, rather than give a fish lol.)

Thank you! I'll give it a try and let you know if it works :)

Well, still can't find where to change the black strip in the header.


--- Quote from: laura458 on March 18, 2024, 07:54:03 PM ---Well, still can't find where to change the black strip in the header.

--- End quote ---
You can add own CSS rules to the CSS file like

--- Code: {
    background-color: #3c86c7 !important;
--- End code ---


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