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Is there anyone in the community ever got V2 or V3 CAPTACHA to work properly?

I have given up.

I have tried every suggestion suggested by "Basara" and others but nothing makes it to work.

I would be interested in hearing from someone who has it working with AbanteCart core v.1.3.4


I think I finally got it to work.

So I think this is why it was not working for the longest time.

1. If your e-commerce store is for example
2. Then you must have an account with google under same domain name and then login under google ReCAPTCHA under the same domain name email address, i.e.
3. Next create either V2 or V3 keys.

Previously I was using a different email address which was not under the e-commerce domain. for example I was using a email address.

regardless now both V2 and V3 works fine.

very interesting...

Thank you for sharing your experience with ReCAPTCHA. Was the issue related to Google having restrictions against your domain name?

No there were no restrictions.

Apparently, you must create Google reCaptacha account under same domain as the ecommerce store.

This must be related to how Google perceives validity between who is requesting reCaptacha and you are the one who owns the domain. They must have added something in their code to prevent people requesting reCAPTCHA from anonymous emails for a domain that you don't own.


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