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My customer had an issue during checkout where the screen completely turned white. The order did not complete. I tried on my end and the page will not load and none of my redirects show this page. Is there an error with stripe?

Additionally, the customer notification emails are getting to my customer, but are blank as well.

It also appears that my top banner with the category choices is not working either. I backed up my site last week and updated. Not sure what to do to fix this issue. All my products and categories are there just not visible on the main site.

Do I need to pick a new template for the site with this update?

Sorry to be asking so many questions.

When screen "completely turned white" means you have a server error so please check for the latest errors in the AbanteCart or server error logs

Issue Fixed. Thank you


--- Quote from: johnsma2000 on April 03, 2024, 05:16:17 PM ---Issue Fixed. Thank you

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Hello. If you find a solution please share it with the community.


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