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UPS Extention messed up my site


Hi, I'm new to this,
The UPS extension asked me for a key so I went into extensions and payed $30 to get the extension and uploaded the files to my site and now I just get a blank web page.

Now coming here for help I read some posts saying that you don't have to spend $30, from what I understand now is that I can get a free key.

First is there anyway I can fix my site or do I have to do a reinstall ?
and second, How can I get my money back ?

If the extension is free 1n in the cart why is it there in the extension section for us to pay $30 ?

Thank you in advance

Go to your hosting file manager and locate the /extensions/ folder and remove the ups folder for the extension you have purchased.
To resolve the issue ask for help from the author of the extension at the marketplace.

I was inpatient so before your reply I decided just to do a reinstall.
I did contact support to see if they would switch my order to the Canada Post ext. instead, waiting to hear back

Thanks for your reply


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