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I was trying to use a video of a product on my site, but because of the size, apparently I can't. Tried installing the "column right" enabled it, "add block to section" and used "listing block" using the inputs for "media, video" but nothing. I can insert a video hosted on Youtube, via the text editor using the youtube frame in the product detail page but I really don't want to do that.
So, how would I add a 10 second video for my product preview into my product page via hosting it directly from my web host?
Thank you in advance if anyone has any input.  :)

Try to insert video as HTML Resouce like

Thank you thank you Basara! I got it figured out. Fiddled around and got the video doing what I wanted it too, but when I inserted it into the description area using the "video html format" it made that page give an "unsecure" page warning. I assumed it was because the code in that area was vulnerable to naughty things, sooooo, I actually discovered how to make the right column area do html.
I feel soooo dumb after all this time it took to finally figure out how simple it was.
Again, thank you! :)

The unsecure warning can be if some of the resources are loaded via HTTP on the https page. Make sure all links to images or video started with HTTPS://

I tried that and still threw the warning. Deleted it and the warning was gone. But, inserting it into a block for html and inserting it into the column I wanted in a certain area, it was fine.
It was weird, but taught me more things about the cart and how to do mire things with it. :)


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