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FEDeX won't connect to my shopping cart


WOW I never thought connecting a shipping extension would be so difficult as it's been to abanteCart.
I have literally spent hours trying to figure this out.
I FINALLY got the Fedex to connect but when I go to test and purchase a product it states there is no ship mode or stripe payment option is not available ( see attached photo) ? I don't know why this would be happening? Can anyone advise if they have ran into this error and how to troubleshoot?
Thank you so much!

Do you have any error messages in your logs? What versions of FedEX and STRIPE extensions are you using and are they enabled and have at least one shipping option (Ground/2nd Day/etc.) and at least one payment option (card/Affirm/etc.) ?

1.1.2 for stripe

1.1.1 for Fedex
Both are enabled and on and fedex has several shipping options selected and fedex says it's ready and

Please ensure that you eliminate any restrictions on weight and volume in the shipping extension settings. Additionally, verify that the address details in the FedEx extension are accurate; for instance, the country should be listed as 'US' instead of 'USA', and the state abbreviation should consist of two letters.

Note that the payment method selection is contingent upon the delivery method being chosen first. Therefore, Stripe will not be an option until a delivery method is set. For testing purposes, activate some basic delivery methods.


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