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Help with the coin as seen in the photo. At the end it says that it is 149,999.00 dollars... And I have the COP currency, so I don't understand why I get that one there if I have everything as COP in currencies and the system

Another thing I would like to know is how to change that logo that appears there on Google.
The icons are already visible in the store configuration. I don't understand that either

It appears that Google may have detected the content within the description or meta description text.

And in this case what could I do to correct it. thank you


--- Quote from: Yormas1995 on April 30, 2024, 09:41:24 AM ---And in this case what could I do to correct it. thank you

--- End quote ---
Find the page in admin (product page or content page) and check what you have entered

hello . I really don't understand what you want to tell me. Go to the page administration and enter the search engine (product page and content page) and the truth is, nothing comes up. I don't know exactly where it tells me. If you explain to me in detail, I would appreciate it.


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