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adding video to thumbs


I was trying to work out a way (if there is one) to add a video thumb to the thumbnail section (where small thumb extra images are) to click on so it would play in the enlarged product window. Something like you would see on many sites to view videos of the products for an overall view or to demonstrate how the product works.
Maybe that particular script doesn't support such a choice? I can add a PDF, or image, it has a video choice but anything I try to do doesn't show in the thumbnail image viewer.
Let me know if anyone has an answer. I think it would be a great addition if it doesn't have that option already. :)

To implement this, you would typically need to modify the website's template. Alternatively, you could consider switching to a template that already has this capability built-in.
For instance, some templates are designed to integrate with video hosting services like YouTube and will allow you to embed a video thumbnail directly. When clicked, the video can play in an enlarged product window or an overlay. Example


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