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I'm setting up AbanteCart V1.3.4 with static pages. Bootstrap5 with same page modal dialogue. I'm only using guest checkout (with fast checkout) as I feel that suits the demographics of my customers.
One last change I need to make is on the final checkout page. To replace the “By clicking Confirm Order, you accept and agree to all terms of.....“ with a checkbox.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

In System > Settings > Checkout     middle of the page  find Account Terms and checkouts Terms
Select from the dropdown which you want to use,  including NONE

Thanks llegrand,
But that only provides an implied acceptance of terms. I am looking to have a checkbox that the customer has to specifically tick.

Change the wording so it says something that indicates the READ the agreement and accept  with a link to the agreement within the line.
That holds up legal well at least in the US.

You might find insight to this on:

Thanks llegrand,
That link should help. I can code some HTML & javascript, but beyond that it's all copy & paste.
Please advise on which file I need to change. It's the checkout page that states “By clicking Confirm Order, you accept and agree to all terms of.....“
I'm in the UK & here we have to use a checkbox for customers to accept T&C's.


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