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Nuno Neff:
You should review the product options, when we choose an option, the product description is static and shouldn't change.

For example, I have a product with the option Lenght

40 cm
50 cm
60 cm

When i select an option 50 cm the description of the product should change and show the weight of the product.

My best regards.

Abantecart does not show the weight in the description and reveals it solely at the cart or checkout phase.
For further customization, please reach out to your theme or extension developer, or review your custom modifications.

Nuno Neff:
Yes i will have to do that because in my country if you want to sell items where the price is reflected in the weight, the weight must be visible in the product description.

Hello,   Nuno was using the default options,  not a third-party.   

With that said,  we gave him a solution that will work for him using the default options.   He was unfamiliar with the difference between global attributes for standardized options to be used with many products  and individual options that can be set up one to one with the product options tab. 

His concern was if he had a global called length,  if he added a stand-alone option called length it would affect all of them.  That is not how options work.   Admin needs to add any option either global or stand-alone to each Product option tab  -  and if affects only that product.

Perhaps this will assist other admins to understand how the options work within the default coding.

Cheers to all
The WHY2 Support Team


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