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Unable To Edit Matomo/Piwik HTML Block After A Fresh Install


Hello! As the title suggests, each time we attempt to update the code within this block, we get a '500' error message. The error logs suggest it's because the style 'bootstrap5' isn't installed, but it actually is. Any idea why this would be happening? Thanks!

To help diagnose the issue further, could you please share the full error message from the logs? The complete error message might contain additional details that can pinpoint the exact cause.

Please see the attached error file.

Please adjust the debug level to 1
Ensure that the Template debug is turned off.

Verify that the bootstrap5 template extension is installed and activated. You can do this in the 'Extensions > Templates' section.

Confirm that your bootstrap5 template is designated as the Active template for your store under 'Design > Templates'.

Proceed to clear the AbanteCart caches. Note: It's not necessary to clear the image cache.

After completing these steps, attempt to update the block again. Should an error occur, please send us the most recent error log.


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