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Fatal error:

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What the hell!
I just setup everything and now this. Why did this happen? Will this be always heppening?
Now everytime i want to enter the admin panel this appears.
What can i do now? I have added the memory limit to = 256M;
P.S. i have unlimited server space on this server.
(See picture)

Memory limit of 256m should be enough. At what step do you get this error? Do you edit HTML or upload something in content section?

I have inserted a contet and edit it. After i saved it and come back to the admin panel, this was waiting for me.

could you send me a file with your html-content via private message?

Ohh... I have deleted the database and the files from my server and started from the Beginning.
That was kinda dumb from me i guess...
Can you guy tell me why did this problem occurred, so that i will not do it again?


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