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Allow for different action when item is "out of stock"

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Right now if an item comes up as "out of stock" you can still add it to your cart.. It does so with the *** telling you that the item is on back order or that it may not be in stock.

This is fine for products in which there are more than one, but for unique items (like hand crafted unique one of a kind items) it is less appropriate.  Instead it would be nice if we could flag a product/item as unique and the "Add to cart" button would be either removed entirely or replaced with an email button or some way to let a person ask about maybe getting another one similar to this item..

Hello, Palamedes.

You need to enable Subtract Stock for the product you wish not add to cart when it is out of stock.
go to Admin-Catalog-Products- find your product and click edit - find "Subtract Stock" setting and select "Yes". Save changes.

Then try to add to cart it. AbanteCart display message "Products marked with *** are not available in the desired quantity or not in stock!" on shopping cart page (Note: if product have quantuty less than in your cart  ::) )

I realize fully the functionality and said the same thing you said in my original post.

However, an item with zero stock can still be added to the cart with the *** as we both said.. I'd rather it not be addable at all and would like an option for that.

I would agree that each product should have an "Allow Backorder" toggle which, when true, would prevent adding the product to the cart if quantity on hand is 0 for the product or any product option..


Totally agreed. This is added to v1.1 (next one). I will work on this in couple of days once we resolve other issues in the line.


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