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I am getting a lot of errors,  so many the log file has been truncated - all citing  the same line

Here's the text of one:

2013-10-09 12:53:16 - App Warning:  AbanteCart core v.1.1.7 Warning: Accessing store with unconfigured or unknown domain ( ).
 Check setting of your store domain URL in System Settings . Loading default store configuration for now. in /home/myfile/public_html/shop/core/lib/config.php on line 169

My set up is I have a subdomain  setup - so the url is   
The admin panel uses

Actual cart uses -

Store URL shown in System > Settings

What do I need to change in order to correct the information so I don't see this error?

Thank you.

1. this is not an error. It is warning.

2. Do you have multiple stores set up? Why do you access admin with different URL?
You need to access admin with URL of the main store.

no additional stores setup yet.

I did not intentional setup different urls.   Here's what I did when from the start, please tell me where I went wrong.

1.  This is a brand new domain on an empty  server.
2.  Made a subdomain on Cpanel.   called   
3.  Setup database in  called  shop. 
4.  FTP'd in the ver 1.1.7 files into 
5.  ran the install and used  in the URL.

Please tell me what I did wrong in this setup.   And more importantly tell me precisely the changes to get everything in sync.

I need the shop  to be the MASTER store,  that will be the one that is cloned for multi stores.

Thank you.

Hello again, 

I would really like to fix whatever is causing this warning,  but I do need some help.

This was a clean install of version 1.1.7 not an upgrade.   It was installed on a subdomain.   I used the correct subdomain in the URL on the settings page during install.   But the install seems to have defaulted to using url without the subdomain when it assigned the Admin logon.

Is there some setting I can change?
Do I just need to re-install not using a subdomain?
Can I not use subdomains?
If I can use subdomain,  how do I get install to recognize them?

Apparently this is causing some issues -  I don't like issues .  Warnings need to be addressed and corrected.  I just don't know how to do that.  And reading documentation and searching the board has not provided answers.  Please provide the necessary info here.


Your admin URL is this than:

To avoid working, you need to access admin with URL that you install it with or have in configuration for main store.


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