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Dear Abantecart,

Is there some setting to hide the 'Write review' part (to the right of the 'View') in a small pop-up that shows up when your hovering mouse cursor over a product in store?   In our store we are not planning to offer the Reviewing thing at all..
It's great to still have the "View" part showing up (as not every person may know she can see details on product by clicking on it) but if we have to disable the pop-up completely, we will do that  if that's how it works.

Thank you for the great web store application!

There was a small oversight for the case when you have reviews disabled in settings.

Please see the fix in the log below:
This will be added to v1.1.8

You can copy files to your location.

You rock!  We have copied the raw product_listing.tpl file from the
  over to  public_html/storefront/view/default_html5/template/pages/product/product_listing.tpl
and the 'Write review' got hidden! Thanks heaps!

Thank you very much for the product_listing.tpl !

But I still have "write a review" in the homepage for each products in bestsellers, featured products, recent products, and specials.

What I need to change to hide also the "write a review" also in the homepage ?

Thank you for your help !

For bestsellers, featured products, recent products, and specials, if you really use it all, you need to download and copy also the corresponding files from the fix:
Or wait till upgrade to the next (v1.1.8 ) version to be released soon


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