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Add quantity option to 'add to cart' button in html5_template

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Many ecommerce sites have a small text box to input a quantity beside the 'add to cart button' rather than having to click multiple times.  Good for if someone wants to by larger quantities of a product (like 10 or 100) as that is a lot of clicks otherwise.

There is a quantity box on product details page. Do you need it on product listing page?

Yes, I meant on the product listing page.  Just to make it easier for those who know what they want (they don't have to go to product details page).

Hi, just to add to this I just had a customer call to ask about adding multiple items.  They just wanted to be able to click multiple times to add more product to the cart but with the html5 template once clicked the button says 'added to cart' then if clicked again takes you to the cart (where they can increase quantity).  This behaviour annoyed my customer.
I also notice there is a little x in the corner of the price tag once a product is added a per the above scenario.  clicking on this little x does nothing but if I inspect the element in my browser it shows as <button class="close" data-dismiss="alert" type="button"> which seems to indicate that the button should be 'dismissed' and return to normal??
Anyway, I still think it would be great if in grid view the customer can either have a quantity option or be able to click the button multiple times to add more product to the cart.

Rabi Raj Shrestha:
Yes, ability to specify quantity at listing page would make it more user friendly. + And - buttons to change quality once added to cart will also be friendly for mobile devices.


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