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Save and Cancel buttons on new product or edit product page

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Greetings - it may be a good option to have the "save" and "cancel" buttons on the new or edit product page also at the top of the page and not just at the bottom. 

Thank you

I think it is a good idea. Thank you for this suggestion.

... and also near the product Description field if possible.
(quick save buttons work faster and good for edits)

I'm dredging this topic back up to the top, as it appears it was never implemented.

Given the height/length of the product edit page, having the Save/Cancel buttons at the top of the page in addition to the bottom of the page is a necessity.

Can this be manually changed easily, or is it too involved of a change?

Thank you.

AbanteCart has a quick save feature now. If you create incomplete product and start editing it, you can save each field individually.
If user is creating a new product entirely, normally, he/she fills fields from top to bottom.

It is easy to add an extra buttons at the top, I just think it will be too much for majority of users.

Let's see more opinions.


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