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Getting translation to French?

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Exact. I want each country manage its zones in an interval of 1000 positions, in order to keep zones grouped in one ordered sequence and not having addendums/corrections at end in full disorder.

Zones are subject to change for each country, reserved intervals of 1000 in zone_id permit not shifting the rest of the table. This can be done easily with an update SQL script and a trigger on table insertion.

You must understand your actual french zones are absolutely incorrect and make the product unusable for us. I dont know if the same for other countries but i fear. Thats why i propose to reserve 1000 sequential zone_ids per country in table "zone" to the disposition of each translator.

eCommerce Core:
Thank you for the tip gob33.

Like you said zones can be corrected and inserted into tables with SQL.
I assume you refer to ac_zones and zone_id.

It will be big work to refactor this data and retest. Any help is appreciated.

I have posted my soluce in Git. Its all SQL and had been tested ok for me on 1.1.9.

Great. I wonder how it can be integrated into french language.

It is for all language. At language install, clear all zones relative to the country, then insert good ones in the reserved intervall. Other zones dont move/shift.


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