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Getting translation to French?

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Currently, I have a problem with banner_manager and form_manager extensions, all texts on page stay in English, despite i have uploaded their translated xml language file. These english texts come from the DB and are recorded with the language_id corresponding to "french" !
I dont understand at all.
So, I have some questions:

1) Does language xml files need to be translated for the standart extensions inside AbanteCart (banner_manager, ...)

2) If i add a new language (by uploading xml files) on an AbanteCart running with some of these extensions enabled, does the translation appear automaticaly inside these extensions ?

3) Is there a simple way to know if abante_demo has been installed, in order to also insert demo translations into tables ?

I reply to myself:
XML translations for extensions should be inside your own language extension like:

--- Quote ---french_language_extension\code\extensions\french_language\admin\language\french\banner_manager\banner_manager.xml

--- End quote ---
to be found and loaded in DB by isExtensionLanguageFile().
This makes the directories tree of your language extension rather bizarre.

In fact, I suspect there is something wrong in that case (loading translation of abantecart extensions) between _load_from_xml(), _detect_language_xml_file() and isExtensionLanguageFile().


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