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Getting translation to French?

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Manual translation a very long and ingrate work.
But translation work helps to see what the cart can do.
Found it like an old Opencart version, many functionalities missing from the latest OC.
Im also waiting for a good place selling extensions à la Opencart.

eCommerce Core:
Somebody got to do it who can write in French.

I hope you do not imply that AbateCart has less features than open cart. That would not be accurate if we compare core features
As for extensions, I agree room to grow.

I found more settings in latest OC than AbanteCart, admin features are different,
OC is direct and simple, AbanteCart focuses on pretty interface for a merchant who dont care programming.


--- Quote from: gob33 on January 18, 2014, 06:42:10 AM --- AbanteCart focuses on pretty interface for a merchant who dont care programming.

--- End quote ---

Hmm. This is not true. We do not only focus on interface, we have all the methods and tools to help developers. In addition, we have very active forum to help developers.

But, even if it was true, interface needs to be easy for users. Programmers needs to learn how system is working and simplify work around that to make it easy.

Also, programmers would be out of job if users do not like to use the software.

To summarize, I agree that software need to be easy to program, but I am not convinced that AbanteCart is very difficult to program with. It is all about knowledge and what people got used to do.

eCommerce Core:
Well said abantecart.

To add. OC might be simpler to program, but it is not as flexible. There are people that care about it.

gob33. If you want to open discussion about this further, lets create a new thread and discuss.
Do you still need help with language?


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