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Hello everyone, thank you

I have entered in my store a product which the person can only purchase 1 (pack).

But when a person tries to buy, she can define Quantity, even that i stipuleted only 1 for maximun acquisition; despite not advancing to chekout.

But it can shuffle people. Is there any way to remove the option Quantity?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry about my english (I´m Portuguese :))

I'm also wondering if you could remove the quantity. I'm selling printed products what comes in quantity of 1000, 2500, 5000 or more.
I can use options for to create a quantity field to define the quantity (1000, 2500, 5000, etc...) but I want to remove the Qty field so it's not too confusing.

Or have the option to pre-define quantity like minimum order 1000 other options 2500, 5000, etc....

Please let me know very happy with the cart, just still learning the tricks and the options.

I think you might find your solution by using the options functions - here's the documentation link.

You can establish  dropdown or radio buttons for all of your sizes and require your customer to make a selection from one of the sizes. 

So  in an example you have cards  and the options are

1000 pcs
2500 pcs
5000 pcs

On the description your customer see all of the sizes,  clicks on the size they want and then qty makes more sense to them.  1 pak of 1000 size or 2 paks of 1000 size,  etc.

Hope this helps.


Hi Lee,

Thank you for your reply, yes I have resulted to that resolution myself but I would of find it more neat not to have a confusing "Qty: 1" after you have selected 1000 pieces, but I guess I haveno choice but to live with it for now.


I guess there is still no solution to remove the quantity button from the page. see example at chrinaluc and you see what I mean


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