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Looking for a Web Developer Familiar with AbanteCart


Help... We are looking to hire a web developer familiar with AbanteCart!  We are getting no response form AlgoZone where we purchased the template.  Is there anyone out there that can save us?

eCommerce Core:
Try to post your project on freelancer.com if you want to go out side of this forum

In the documentation    http://www.abantecart.com/ecommerce-solution-support there is this information:

For special help and custom development inquiries you can complete Contact us form or email: help AT abantecart.com

Additionally  there is a company called  Asahi Technologies that advertises as an Abantecart developer, although they really prefer Magento.

I don't know if either of these resources will be an answer to rework your purchased extension.  Good luck and please post your solution if you find one.  I am sure other cart users will find themselves needing this level of help.



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