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Hi, I love your eCommerce solution, its great, thanks for everything you guys have done.  Additionally I would like to ask a question about removing Powered by: Abantecart.  I know this is copyrighted and probably illegal to remove without permission from the creators. However some Ecommerce sites allow for the purchase a removal license and my client might seek it.  Does AbanteCart offer a Copyright notice removal license?  Thanks

Thank you for your comments.

You can remove "Powered by: Abantecart" message from storefront and admin web pages. What you can not remove (as per AbanteCart license) is a copyright and license massages in the source files. These are in the heading of all the files. These messages are not visible to online users.


Just a suggestion why not say on your website ask for a donation to remove the Branding from the back and front panel of the shopping cart??

Ware House Monkey

This is a good idea. We will see how we will do this.

There isn't any explanation on how to remove the "Powered by AbanteCart"


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