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Hello. How can I put image instead of white background on default_html5? I tried to insert it in body { on style.css but don't work. I can't find stylesheet.css in stylesheet file. With firebug I receive error that I don't have permision to see .css on my site. How can I find there put code: body {background-image:url('image.jpg');}. And 1 more question. If I have this image in default_html5/image/image.jpg I need to put into ' ' default_html5/image/image.jpg instead of image.jpg?
Can I use text animation in abantecart?  Like fire effects on text, animation background or any other? If yes, How can I make this?
Animation work on product preview or store logo?

There are many posts similar to your request

Here is one for example:,1432.msg5600.html#msg5600

used all methodes (css replace color, modify style.css) but nothing work.

I suggest to learn how to use Firebug in FireFox to inspect HTML and CSS. This will help you inspect what you doing wrong and locate files that you need to edit.

I used him on google chrome (find extension on google store). Then I want to see css code, it say that I have restriction acces. I tried to change acces to stylesheet file or style.css and same.
I want to know what color code I need to change in style.css? to change background?
In style.css are many white color codes. I can't change all color becouse template will not work (no error but elements will be on different places ...).


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