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I would appreciate any feed back and how to improve my store - Order something and let me know if the payment gateway is working. Use pay  by check as payment so the sale goes through but payment don't have to be made.



Your site looks OK to me. I placed test order as well.
Consider doing something with 3 rows of  menus. Look bad to me.

Looks quite nice.  It does load slowly - and I am on a very high speed network. 

I did place a test order- PayPal worked okay (didn't complete)  check worked okay also (didn't complete)  Quit before conforming the order.

Have a question - how are you getting the discounts for quantities to work so well -  that is very nice!

Also,  you might want to consider turning on the seo, it's in System > Settings > System  - then field Use SEO URLs  - it does help with the Search Engines finding your products.

Also is the logo mis-spelled?  Your url is   but your logo is   the last "h" in health is missing in the logo ???

Lee - just another Abantecart user.

Thanks to all for the feedback. I have made the changes suggested. regarding the question on Promotion pricing: Product screen - Promotions - Add Discount Button - Quantity - Priority (here I place the largest amount as priority #1) - Price for each item in the bulk. Basically I answer the questions the Promotion page ask for.

Thanks again for the feedback

Looks nice.  Abantecart was correct 2 lines of categories looks better.

I missed how the quantity thing worked - thanks for explaining.  This cart is quite feature rich and it is so easy to miss things.

Good luck with your new store.



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