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Customer Error: No match for E-Mail Address and/or Password.


Customer Error: No match for E-Mail Address and/or Password.

Hi, my customers cant login with there resgitered user name and password.
im willing to donate to anyone can help me.

This will happen if you change configuration file or move site to new place and do not retain password salt.

Did you do any of these?

I moved the site how can i fix this?

Looks like you need to replace a SALT key in ~/public_html/system/config.php with the key from your original installation:,426.0.html,119.0.html

But there is more to it if you happened to have enabled customers' data encryption previously:,1564.0.html
Also, if it's mainly about your customers login but not the admin users, make sure it isn't because you have switched this parameter:
System>Settings>Checkout>Require Login Name:
"To improve security, require customers to create unique login name instead of using email address as login name. If set to ON, existing customers will be asked to create new login name at the first login. If OFF, login name is set as customer email address."

maybe it helps


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