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To SEO or Not to SEO...That is the question

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SEO is a technique to get traffic on your website and increase its ranking in organic manner. You can also get the same by PPC but that may cost you a great amount so its better to perform SEO techniques in order to achieve desired results.  :D

with the recent modifications of google algorithm seo is always affected, but the more structured you have it, the better.

Since content is one of the top two Google ranking factors, it’s pretty important to get it right. Once again, this presents a huge opportunity for those willing to invest the time to make that happen.

Alona Gomez:
For startups, you need both SEO and PPC to have traffic. But it's better to focus more on SEO to have organic traffic and scale down PPC as your company gain reputation. For me, On Page SEO is the most critical because if the site is slow, not secure and have poor design for conversion then money and efforts are wasted.

Honestly I disagree. Never paid a penny and I can compete with the big league in my branch. Just need to invest a little bit of time every couple of days and know what you are doing ;)


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