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Avoiding Keyword Spamming

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AbanteCart does a wonderful job providing keyword rich descriptions and tags in the Admin panel. These tags really help your keyword for that product get ranked, without risking being labeled a keyword spammer.

As a general rule a page should only have the keyword you're trying to index 4 to 6 times. That DOES NOT count "alt" text on images (no, you can't see them unless the image doesn't render), but the Bot sees them and adds them to your ranking algorithm.

The keywords I'm talking about are in descriptions and other text that is displayed on the website. Google, Yahoo, Bing and many of the others consider more than 6 keywords on the page in the text to be spamming and ignore them all together.

Gone are the old days when folks would add their keyword to the bottom of the page and color the text the same color as the background so it appeared hidden.

So remember, 4 is best 6 is the limit! You don't want to start getting a ranking and then get kicked into the Google sandbox for keyword spamming!

eCommerce Core:
Good hint. Thank you!

How to do onpage seo. I learned that you have to use your keywords in meta description or something. Is it worth of having them there?

It absolutely is worth it....if you want Search Engine traffic...

4-6 times is good limit but in modern SEO tactics its good to have exact keyword in Meta Title and description then go for one exact match keyword in website content and uses the keyword variations like if its buy Magento extension then user it in Metas and when it comes to website content use its variations like module, plugin, addons etc.


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