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AbanteCart Multivendor and Marketplace capabilities

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Any news about when it will be ready ?
or any beta testing alpha ?

Any update on multi vendor ?

i am planning to move my site on abanta cart.

www . ifuturetech . org

much needed


A multivendor facility is must needed.

This is a good news. But I see this discussion was started in 2014. But since then there has not been any update on this. Does this mean there is still no plan to add this feature to Abantecart?

And if we need to move to multi-vendor solution, we would need to move to another product. Is there any tutorial that shows how to migrate from Abantecart to another multi-vendor product, if you have let's say around 250 products added to you store, plus orders, customer data, etc.

And what multi-vendor do you recommend that we can migrate to seamlessly?

Will appreciate your quick support.

Thank you.


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