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Meta Tag SEO Tips and Tricks

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Thanks for sharing the tips for optimizing meta tags.

<title> – Used the define the Page Title. It should not more than 65 characters including space.

Google will try to ignore the characters written after 65 chars in the title tag. So make sure to keep the page title as short and relevant in order to boost the traffic from search engines.

Writing good articles and keeping irrelevant titles will not listed in top 10 search results in google. So please keep some good title for your contents.

Google will not consider your Meta Description for your search engine ranking, But Google will display your description in their search results below title. So there is a high chance that visitors will see your content and come to your site from search engines. Most search engines use a maximum of 160 characters for the meta description.

If meta description is empty then search engines will take the description from the content of the page.

Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking

Meta Keywords plays a very small role in SEO but its very important when it comes to Search Engine Marketing.

A comma separated list of your most important keywords for the content that will be written as META keywords.

Meta tag have great importance in SEO You have mentioned lots of important tips and tricks to use meta tags.

Use bing or Yahoo tool it can help you

The information is more helpful to improve the On page and better rank in search results. Meta tags are the ranking signal that is helpful to crawl by the search engine.


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