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That was the really helpful and interesting post.

Research Keywords and Competitors
Keyword research is essential to understanding your site’s SEO and your competitors’, but luckily, you do not have to be an SEO guru to know which keywords to use. Use free tools like SEM Rush to research your current and potential keywords related products and services, your audience’s topics of interest or other aspects of SEO. While there is a limit on free keyword searches per day, SEM Rush is useful to see keyword stats like the amount of monthly searches for targeted keywords and a rating of the competition for phrases. You can also view a list of related keywords for phrases you’re looking for to get content ideas.

Additionally, SEM experts use tools like SEM Rush to research their competitors. Use the feature Domain vs. Domain by entering your site’s domain and any of your competitors’. Select the keyword type you want to research like organic keywords and you’ll see a side by side comparison of these sites by keyword, position on search engine result pages and more. By knowing how you stack up against the competition, you can drive your inbound marketing and content strategy to get ahead of other brands.

I use yoast seo plugin in wordpress which instruct me how to apply SEO tricks in metatags. You can use other plug ins too for the same.  ;) ;) ;) ;)


--- Quote from: itstrisha on September 24, 2018, 01:37:38 AM ---I use yoast seo plugin in wordpress which instruct me how to apply SEO tricks in metatags. You can use other plug ins too for the same.  ;) ;) ;) ;)

--- End quote ---
SEO Boost pack is good yoast alternative

"It's not a complete list of all SEO-related meta tags, but more like a pocket guide for marketers who'd like to do things right and have their articles search-engine-optimised beyond what WordPress provides by default. Unless you have some specific ideas that you want to keep on meta keywords or description, the default values are just fine. Let me tell you some tips:
1) Title Tag - This is arguably the most important tag you need to take care of for each post. It can improve your rankings as well as increase click-throughs and (in some cases) conversion rates. Here's an example of a properly optimised title:
2) Description Tag - It won't directly impact your rankings, but it will improve CTR if you optimise it as well. Again, this isn't a complete list and any other information can be good.
3) Keyword Tag - This isn't really a meta tag for the article itself, but it will help Google (and you) figure out what the given page is about - and that's important to improve CTR as well. Please note that this meta tag needs to have only one value - not multiple. 
4) Robots Tag - I've found this tag to be most useful for blogs and magazine-type websites where people are allowed to post their own stuff. Again, Google might index your website without this tag.
5) Facebook and Twitter meta tags - If you connect with those networks, you can supply them some information about yourself and your website in the form of meta tags. "


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