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Opencart files more than similar


I just found your software yesterday and it's impressive but I have a concern that I'd like to share.  You say this is not based on Opentcart but I find that impossible to beleive and here's why.  Using Beyond Compare to compare folders and files to Opencart files there are way too many lines that are the same to beleive that it's not copied in parts.  It's pretty easy to see what's been changed and one cart has copied from the other. 

The problem goes to credibilty lost and you seem to have a great cart but I think it's wrong not to give credit where it's due.  It's hard to regain trust once it's lost.  I value your work but this will affect your success.  Demming said "the greatest losses in business are unknown".

Everybody makes mistakes.

Everybody who looked a little at source code saw that it is OC 1.4 series based.
It is heavily modified and can be considered like a fork as oscLoad, osMax, ZenCart <- osCommerce
Remember OC is GPL and you are free to copy and modify source.
Just one point will be to write "Partial Copyright OpenCart" somewhere.

This is interesting discussion.

I want to point out that abantecart was not based on opencart and was not forked. Idea was to make it similar in construct to help developers that support abantecart and opnecart to navigate them both easily. I hope everybody understand this point and agree.

I agree that it should be mentioned, if something from open cart got accidentally inserted into abantecart.
We review the code, but since we had some old developers on the team in the beginning, it is possible that something got copied and was not noticed.

First we need to identify what exactly was the code and give a credit. If you help pointing out the areas I will check. 


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