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Ok, after playing around a bit and downloading template2 (the sample template) which was delivered by an Extension key I would like a little clarification please.

Why choose template extension as opposed to downloading a template ?  Is it simply the ease of installation for the store owner ?

As I see it, wouldn't it just be easier for the store owner to download a template and upload it to the /storefront/view/ directory ? Then the store owner only has to configure it from the admin area ?

How is a extension key generated ?  I have been reading the documentation but could not find information about the keys.

Thank you for any guidance you can offer.


Oh, one other thing.   When I installed the sample template2 I received this error message in the admin message manager

Error: Could not load controller ! in /home/content/xx/xxxxxxxx/html/dev/abantecart/core/engine/dispatcher.php on line 165


eCommerce Core:
I think the key is something specific to extension store. It is automaticaly generated on purchase.

From what I understood, there are no spcific requiremet how you can create template. It can be in  /storefront/view/ or it can be as extension.

If you make it as extension you will make it better in case of upgrades and you can offer additional setting along with extensions.
Also you can habudle of extensions togethere with the template.

If you put it to /storefront/view/ it is purely skin and there is no update process in there

If you want to sell your template in algozone marketplace, it has to be an extension.

Yes, this is correct.

We suggest to implement as much as possible with extension based approach.

This is much easier on users, upgrades and reduce conflicts with other extensions.


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