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Shoprite grocery chain is now letting folks buy groceries via the mobile devices.

How important is AbanteCart going to be to your business? Do stories like this give you any new ideas on uses for AbanteCart? It's go my gears chruning.

AbanteCart's ability to look good on all screen sizes is going to be a real competitive edge to your business...I'm telling you. In 2009 Google stated that from that point forward everything they developed was going to be developed for the mobile platform first, then they would do the work around for computers..

With more SmartPhone (not counting tablets) than cars in the world, AbanteCart is going to be more important to your business then anything.

eCommerce Core:
Good point. How about creating open source app with connection to AbanteCart storefront API? This will allow merchants to create branded apps for mobile devices in connection with shopping cart.

Any app developer out there?

GREAT idea eCommerce.....lets find us an AbanteCart app developer!

eCommerce Core:
Things like Phonegap can make app development fast and fun


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