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Gordon, can you tell me how you got the cart dropdown icon over to the right side of the page, instead of directly under the logo. Like you I have a logo I want to use that drops down and sits on top of the cart menu, but I haven't taken the time to figure out how to move it over (too busy trying to load products) I appreciate any help!


In the layout, if you put the cart option all the way to the right, it's drop down feature is off the edge of the page.

If you put it in the third box to the right of the layout, it's way over on the left (assuming you have everything else in that layout row turned off, like I do)

So, I created a transparent image 300px wide x 25px high, created an html block with just that image in it and inserted that block in the second layout row for positions 1 and 2 and now have cart in position3 and position 4 is empty.

It solved the problem by pushing the third position over 600 pixels. The only other fix it to mess with the CSS and I didn't want to do that for just this fix, because that class is also used elsewhere and then it would require a totally new class.

Easier to just cheat it that way.

Transparent image, GENIUS!  Thanks for the instructions!

The best of open source sharing at work.  Great things accomplish with great minds sharing!  Excellent guys.


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